original acid/groove jazz
The Urban Sherpas are:
Dave Gill
Steve Harris
Clyde Kelly
Andrew McComas
Craig Solenberger
Guitars, Vocals
Alto, Soprano and Tenor Saxophones

History of The Urban Sherpas

The Urban Sherpas was started with a vision to play original music with an emphasis on groove and melody. Initially, the band explored bossa and samba influences, with original member Dave Gill holding down the groove at the drum kit. As band personnel changed over the months, the Sherpa musical landscape broadened. Guitarist Steve Harris’ rock background gave the band a melodic edge, while keyboardist Clyde Kelly’s jazz influences enhanced the group’s versatility. The additions of saxophonist Craig Solenberger and bassist Andrew McComas further defined the unique Sherpa sound, which came to be regarded by the members as “Groove Jazz.” In addition to their continually evolving original songs, the band interprets songs ranging from Herbie Hancock to Norah Jones to Thelonius Monk. Beyond the satisfaction they get in creating their music together, they also enjoy participating in the music at their local churches in Davis, Woodland and Sacramento, CA. The band has come together often to lead worship at various churches in the area. The band currently splits their time between writing new material, performing, and recording.